About The Company

The company was founded in 1998. We started with essential oil of personal perfume, air fresheners, sterilizers, and incense.We are the pioneers in the import and marketing of air fresheners and distribution in Jordan. We started the process of simple manufacturing of the mitts by manual filling. The company has recently opened a specialized factory for packing and manufacturing air fresheners and incense

Oil perfume

It is divided into four main sections:

1) Essential oil for the manufacture of personal perfume: These oils include a large number of personal perfumes for men and women, and also includes Oriental perfumes, which are now acquiring a large part of consumer Essential oils needs.

2) Air fresheners: It includes various flavors of flowers, plants, fruits and oriental perfumes. These oils are used in different types of disinfectants, whether they are based on aerosol, manual sprayer, or volatile oils used in incinerators.

3) Essential oils used in the manufacture of detergents, soap and shampoos: These oils are a basic material in the manufacturing of these products and it gives the distinctive smell and help spread among consumers quickly.

4) Food flavors: Includes flavors of food and drinks in various food industries

Air fresheners

Air fresheners and home fresheners: It is divided into three main sections:

1) Aerosol cans: These are metal containers used in automatic machines, which are characterized by high quality and varied and effective smells.

2) Spray cans: These are plastic containers with high specifications that are used manually for home, car and other different uses. They are characterized by great efficiency, great variation in the regulations and are long lasting. There is also a distinctive variety of oriental and exotic smells.

3) Oil used in incinerators: They are containers containing aromatic oils used in incinerators, which are heated and therefore volatilize in the atmosphere and give a distinctive smell..


We have many varieties of the best types of incense and Oud used in various occasions and places, which give a strong smell , distinctive and oriental nature


We have a wide range of electrical appliances and electric incinerators